The art of Crochet never looses it’s popularity and it will always be a form of creative expression. I’t easy to learn and easy to teach, and it’s absolutly soothing daily stress, lowering blood pressure or managing chronic pain, new studies are exploring and applauding the health benefits of crochet and other rhythmic needlework.

Fashions in crochet changed with the end of the Victorian era in the 1890s. Crocheted laces in the new Edwardian era, peaking between 1910 and 1920, became even more elaborate in texture and complicated stitching. After World War I, far fewer crochet patterns were published, and most of them were simplified versions of the early 20th century patterns. After World War II, from the late 40s until the early 60s, there was a resurgence in interest in home crafts with many new and imaginative crochet designs published for colorful doilies, potholders, and other home items, along with updates of earlier publications. These patterns called for thicker threads and yarns than in earlier patterns and included wonderful variegated colors. The craft remained primarily a homemaker’s art until the late 1960s and early 1970s, when the new generation picked up on crochet and popularized granny squares, a motif worked in the round and incorporating bright colors.

Nowadays we are looking for something extraordinary and unique, so we use various techniques and combine old patterns to achieve a new look. We don’t want boring squares or cirles we want something that looks like High Fashion pieces. So we looks for special yarns and special patterns and techniques to make out work unbelievable gorgeous.

Black little dress

I picked some pictures from various magazines and crafters all over the world and dispaly them here for you to learn. I know it’s not fot the beginner, but beginner can easily become advanced crocheter if they can read pattern. Enjoy

maroon dress red multicolour dress  White Jacket  Blue Jacket Baby blue dress  Golden summer coat

shawl summer dress Lilac dress

 Variagated topLight grey top Earthy colours top

White topWhite Jacket Summer colours topBlue dressVintage dressLace dress red 98f27ddb56b20fde8a18c4b466b1e423Nude dress87b8e9db948b4c5d2a48e64bee1c1c10  6288 6289 6290 6291 78707193_055 78707196_large_056 83444305_large_z2 83444318_large_z3 83444320_large_z4 83444322_large_z5 83444323_large_skanirovanie0032 148228081 148489850  148489852  148489860 148489903 148489919 148490015


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