Arts & Crafts Club

Arts & Crafts Club promotes life-long learning in craft across the World. We offer a wide range of fun learning programmes and courses for beginners and experienced makers and crafters  who wants to learn new skills and exchange experiences.

Welcome everyone who is interested in lerning new skills:

  • Do you know that in a few very short hours you could be making same professionaly looking pieces for your self or as a gift for your friends
  • Do you know that you don’t need any previous experience for making a stunning and unique piece
  • Do you know that this is most siplest and easiest way to impress
  • Do you know that creation of such a beautifull pieces is the best therapy for the daily stress we are exposed nowadays
  • Do you know that you will be always noticed and admired for your unique work
  • Do you know that you will discover a great creator sleeping in you
  • Do you know that you will become addicted to this and will start creating a new piece in your mind before you finish your current one.

Have a look at what you can be making yourself very soon. Click on the picture below to go to our Gallery


We are inviting you to come and learn with us in Online Tutorials

If you would like to arrange a workshop outside London please go to contact form and send us your request


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