Satin Ribbon Embroidery

Ribbon embroidery is amazing form of needlework allowing you to achieve unbelievable results quite fast and with a little skill and most important it’s a great fun and pleasure.


Ribbon embroidery is very calming and inspiring. Every twist of ribbon brings you new ideas and makes you to want to do more and more… to create more beautiful pictures and use them on your usual things like make-up purses, handbags, clutches, glasses-holders, cushions, table mats, etc…DSCF0094

There are as many variations to  stitches used in ribbon embroidery as there are designers who use them. The size of the stitches and how they are used  and the size of the ribbon will all have an effect. fin


Clutch embroidered

Ribbon Roses

Satin Ribbon Roses

Satin Ribbon Peony


Satin Ribbon Embroidered Peonies


Ribbon embroidered Roses

rose pink



If you would like to learn how to make those amazing and unique pieces for yourself or as a gift to your friends and family go to Online Tutorial page 

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